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This Monday you must be careful, don't let yourself get carried away by enthusiasm, that one that tells you to open up to that person you are interested in.

Why don't you do so? Because first you need to see some interest in what you want to tell them, and that takes some time. Don't offer your treasures to who doesn't know how to appreciate them. Insolence can hurt you a lot, Scorpio. 

Wait until next week to confess what you feel, because this one you should continue in the seduction phase. So the other person has time to realize that you are a perfect match. And if you wait, you can also make your mind up, because sometimes you act by impulses...

Friday will be your golden day to show all your seduction powers; the world will be receptive to your charms. And if you have a partner, it's time for some physical love!


It's Monday, and you don't want to go to work... But that willingness to avoid obligations, together with that aggravated creativity, can be a terrible combination. You will want to miss work alleging an excuse. It's tempting. 

Don't do it! The stars point out that bad luck would get in your way. Someone could betray you.

Luckily, on Tuesday you will realize that there are some aspects in your job that you aren't good at and you will want to delve into it. This will keep you concentrated and stimulated. You are missing some challenge. Now you will want to go to work without any rest. You always go from one extreme to the other, Scorpio!

Show all your efforts on Friday, because you will have the chance to be recognized at work and they might even offer you a new position in the company. Great, just what you were waiting for!

Check your water and electricity bills; there could be some mistakes due to a broken meter box. 


Week of almost miraculous recoveries. A renewed vitality will inundate your body, and you will go from 0 to 100, with the risk that implies. Don't be reckless and don't start over without thinking about your previous vigorous activities. Go little by little.

Put a lot of effort into controlling your diet, because it's the only thing you're missing. A happier and more pleasant life awaits after the regulation of your diet. 

But be careful, don't go to the opposite extreme of restrictions, because sooner or later this will have a rebound effect on you and of course it's not an acceptable behavior at all.

You'll remember during this week the importance of doing some breathing exercises. They help you think before acting, focus on the present and forget about that anxiety that gets you sometimes.