WeeklyHoroscope | Joan marc



You start the week very determined to settle issues in the affective aspect, Scorpio. Choose your words correctly because depending on them you will solve the problem or you will create a bigger abysm between you two.

Perhaps your motivation, conscious or not, to finalize pending matters, is that person who you feel an interest that is almost an obsession... You like them too much, and you feel that getting to know him/her is something you need in your life.

However, it's convenient that you keep your feet on the ground and some prudence when talking to that person: their heart isn't completely empty.


A complete change of perspective will make you consider your economy in a new way. This change of view will bring you excellent results!

"Why do I give away my work when what I offer is so valuable?" Applying this thought, those who intend to hire you will value this, and the salary won't take long to be higher than what you have been receiving to date.

However, on Tuesday you will experience a turning point: a dismissal or some kind of reprimand is foreseen. Don't take any notice, as long as you do everything as transparently as you know.

As for the rest of the week, it will go smoothly and without significant inconvenience, Scorpio.


The fundamental and essential thing to maintain your good energy levels will be not to retain negative emotions. This is something that is always difficult for you, especially when the one who hurts your feelings is a trustworthy person.

With all that, you won't be able to avoid developing some tiredness due to sugar consumption. Is it a fixation that you don't want to give up? Then you are more likely to suffer some kind of metabolic disturbance if you consume uncontrollably.