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During this week there will be significant improvements in your relationship. You'll do your best so that your relationship goes to the next level. You might even be finishing your wedding preparations. It's a decisive week in love. 

The best day to declare your love is Sunday, when Venus is at its maximum power in the sky. If you don't take the step, wait for that declaration on the seventh day of the week. 

Although it sounds a bit romantic, you have to think about what kind of bond you'd like to have, or you'll feel sorry in the future. Money is an essential issue in a relationship; it's better not to leave everything up to fate. You have to be realistic, Scorpio. 

Scorpios that are single will be willing to share your love with someone special, but be careful! Someone could notice that desperation  and try to take advantage of you. The best thing is to look for love calmly. 


Do you make too much effort at work, Scorpio? You'll start the week performing at 200%, but keep in mind that ending well the 7 days will depend on dosificating your strengths. Be a long-distance runner instead of a sprinter or you'll run out of strength too soon.

You should make the most of Wednesday to carry out that risky movement of money, or a suspiciously beneficial investment because the position of the planets will be extremely favorable for the ones born under the sign of the scorpion. 

By the end of the week, your most inspired facet will come out. You'll ask yourself what you provide the world with, and that can be from creative work to voluntary service. This way you get to as many people as possible. 


On Monday you'll wake up with a bad headache, although this won't prevent you from doing your tasks. Your willpower is above everything. You'll also feel tired due to the excesses of the weekend. 

From Tuesday things will improve for you. Once you are in the middle of the week, you'll follow your habits, and you'll enjoy good health. These days of calm you should take advantage and go for a check-up. 

With these good levels of energy, don't dismiss starting a new physical activity that you like. Look forward to exercising even if you have to moderate intensity because of your physical requests. You'll enjoy exercising.