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Believing in love, after all the past suffering, isn't easy. However, someone special is going to ease things for you.

Finding calm in the storm and being in control of your emotions, will be possible this week. You'll be ready for the stars' tests. Even if they come to you with turbulence, you'll be as imperturbable as a stone.

Let the doors to your libido open and enjoy the simple life. Share your path offering the treasures of your heart to your life partner or if you are single, open up to new proposals. You will have plenty of them. 

Towards the end of the week, someone you really love will appear. It's time to get up-to-date with this relationship! Even if you are in a romantic relationship, friendship is essential for Scorpios...


It's time to think big. Do you need money? Then you'll find some! The stars want you to move forward in life because what you have in mind is reasonable and necessary. 

Look for all the help you need, from associates to good advice.  If you invest money in these two things, it can only mean the success of the project. 

As happens with many things, you have to work in the project, but you also have to let it settle. Ration your energies, or you'll get fed up pretty quick. Try to distract yourself but without forgetting that spending too much time doing other stuff, takes some time off you and your dreams...


Making sure your emotions don't overwhelm you is essential to ensure your health. Too many emotional ups and downs have an adverse effect on your body, especially in your immune system...

Get those superficial considerations that make you unhappy out of your head. Do you have stretch marks and cellulite? Everyone has them! Your happiness shouldn't depend on the judgment of others.

It is essential, to keep your head clear and in a good mood, that you get up early enough to have breakfast peacefully, Scorpio.

You are a sign that hates to get up early but this week you will understand that your projects require this sacrifice. More than anything to keep your body in the best possible condition.