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Your sexuality will gain importance throughout this week! With the Sun influencing your sign, you'll feel how situations related to sex take place, and luckily for you, it will be more than satisfying. 

On the other hand, the relationship with one of your parents will be more tense than usual,  or if you have children, you might not be pleased about their inhibition regarding romance!

If you are single, you'll overcome those small mental blocks that kept you away. You've been concerned about something related to your intimate encounters for some time now, and it will solve in the best way possible for you with the influence of the Sun on your sign.


The first week of the month won't be so fantastic regarding money. An excess of energy will lead you to compulsive behavior and to deal problems with others sharply. 

Discipline will be essential, especially if you're starting a new job. Apart from it being a position you have some studies for, no one will steal the necessary adaptation period from you. 

You hate feeling insecure, but it's about a temporary feeling, be patient with yourself!

Gambling is a good option to achieve some extra money. The goddess fortune will appear for you. 


Your stomach is going to cause you some trouble... you'll start on Monday with heartburn. Don't miss the chance to go to the doctor. Ulcers could be one of the leading causes, but you need a doctor to confirm it. 

Free your emotional tensions. Forgive the rest and stop those negative feelings for who hurt you at some point. Learning to let go is your pending subject, but it's the key to stop having an upset stomach.

You'll help your spiritual renovation tidying your house. Throw away what you don't use, you might even be able to restore an old piece of furniture. Joy in your soul, Scorpio! And never stop smiling.