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You'll start the week with conflicts, due to a situation that you can't handle for longer. A difficult choice, Scorpio? You want to have a more emotional and calm life, but the intensity of your feelings usually confuse you...

First of all, do not lose your nerves and meditate from the tranquility of thought. Because you will be more given to say words that you don't really feel and that you can regret for a long time.

Unfortunately, the stars point out that this problem will continue. It's difficult for you to see what's in your heart. You know exactly who you want to be with, but that person isn't for you!

Take your time, if you need to get away from everything and everyone, at some point you will have to take that step, and you know too well. Prepare yourself mentally.


No matter how hard you work, your productivity is inevitably linked to the one of your team. This week the cooperative work is not going to be very good.

You have to take the helm in your work and your projects; you have to risk so that it gives the desired results. It's an excellent time to create one, in case you don't have one. It can be an excellent plan b for the immediate future.

Don't think about it and leave your job once that plan in which you are so enthusiastically involved begins to take off. You will need that time to take your project to a second level, Scorpio.


Your mind will be your best ally; it will provide you with some health and wellbeing if you focus on the positive events in your life. Remembering can be quite pleasant.

There are some improvements in your breathing and cardiovascular system. The increase of your pulmonary capacity allows you to dedicate yourself to resistance and moderate intensity activities, perfect for burning fat!

Take good care of the environmental exposures, because you are going to be very influenced by pollution. Strolls where you can absorb the vitamin C thanks to the sunlight, will be very good for you.