Scorpio February 17, 2020

23 Oct - 21 Nov

Prediction of February 17, 2020

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The stars show that your great romantic disposition will continue. Enjoying this energy will give you the strength you need to improve other aspects of your daily life.

Your relationship will be your safe haven in the face of so much to do this Monday, so long as you respect your beloved’s times and avoid jealousy.

Your relationship with siblings, cousins and other relatives might be characterized by the energy of tension and difficulty. There's not much you can do to convince those who oppose your will. You just have to wait for this to blow out on its own.

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Venus in Aries is a good aspect of the moon favours all material matters. You’ll have a great day where your professional skills and good practices will receive recognition. You might find relief in knowing you have continuity of labour ahead of you, and that’s no mean feat nowadays, Scorpio.

Many of your acquaintances have lost their jobs and you know how hard this is, as you've experienced it before, for this reason, you’ll be grateful for the blessings you receive.

Women favour Scorpios and if you provide aesthetic services for a living or elderly care, you’ll have greater satisfaction.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 222. A magical number which brings messages of harmony and accord, which indicates that your dreams will soon come true. Many of your dreams are starting to become true, and you need to give them the attention they require.


Scorpios have the advantage of being illuminated by the astral movements today, which are favourable in terms of physical energy.

But your emotions won’t be as balanced. Possessive feelings and suspicions could wreak havoc on your nerves. Try to restrain yourself.