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112 female and male Viking names of warriors and Nordic gods and their meaning

112 Female and Male Viking Names of Warriors and Nordic Gods and Their Meaning

Discover the most fascinating names from Nordic mythology, as well as their divine and heroic origins!
Descubre cómo es Thor, el dios del trueno de la mitología nórdica

Thor: Odin's Fearsome Son and the Norse God of Thunder

Find out about the history and powers of the god who inspired Marvel's superhero
Viking Quotes: 25 Viking Proverbs about Friendship, War and Life

Viking Quotes: 25 Viking Proverbs about Friendship, War and Life

The Vikings were warrior people, but they were also very wise and left us with some great proverbs and phrases
Ragnar Lothbrok was a conqueror Scandinavian king who ruled in the 9th century.

Ragnar Lothbrok: The Legendary Hero Who Inspired Vikings

Find out more about the blood-thirsty Viking hero who inspired the creation of the Vikings TV show main character
The Valkyries: Who Were These Female Norse Gods?

The Valkyries: Who Were These Female Norse Gods?

Learn about the Valkyries: who these Norse mythological creatures were and why they were considered to be female gods.
Ragnarök is the Judeo-Christian Apocalypse of Norse Mythology

Ragnarök: The Battle of the End of the World in Norse Mythology

These are all the details about the battle that triggers the Viking apocalypse according to Norse mythology. You can find everything about Ragnarök here.
The fearsome wolf Fenrir is Loki's son and the one that kills Odin during the Ragnarök

Fenrir: The Norse Wolf that Inspired Marvel and J.K. Rowling

Discover one of the most important characters in Norse mythology, the one that kills the god Odin
Loki is depicted in Norse mythology as the trickster god

Loki: Thor’s Bastard Brother and the Trickster God of Norse Mythology

This is the story of the Norse giant that tricked the gods of Asgard