Taurus Forecast for December 1

Prediction for Saturday
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The month is taking off at a stage where your communication will be drastically reduced, Taureans; or rather clueless.

Be as careful as you can when using double-meaning or irony-based humour, because your words might not come across the right way.

Even worse, they could be misunderstood and become a weapon that could aim to shoot at your own face before you can realise your mistakes.

If you hold back, don't doubt that things will be more or less calm.

Give up on your fear of someone coming out of the blue to promise golden treasures and riches aplenty hidden away for your partner to snatch.

If you're single, place all bets on yourselves, face reality for what it is and you'll be able to overcome it proudly.


In order to make your finances and budget grow, you need to be constantly prepared and informed.

Leave the laziness of living in the present aside and enjoying the relative stability around you, especially if you've made investments into financial products.

It's obvious that the higher your professional skills are, the better chances you'll start finding around you to unfold your wings and fly away.

The same can be said about finances as a science: if you know them well, you'll be able to manage your resources more wisely.

Still, you should try to keep your weird side out of the mix and lock it up at home, because you could scare off possible network contacts that would do wonders for your deals.


On the weekends, you often throw off the window the routines and habits you usually keep up during the week.

However, the stars in the Magic Horoscope encourage you to be cautious about it today, Taureans, because sometimes your mind just flies away and you find yourselves lost.

Measure your schedules appropriately, don't go to bed at ungodly hours, have lunch and dinner at the same times you usually do during the week, and if you need to, juggle things around to make your social life fit into the picture.