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Taurus Prediction for 10 December

Your Horoscope for Monday
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



There's good news in the air! This Monday, Uranus will bring balance to your entire body, and you'll have great listening and comprehension skills.

How does this affect you relationship-wise? Your skies point out that your relationship will be much calmer, and you'll both drive things where they should before the storm becomes too strong and tough to handle.

Thus, instead of spending your time criticising the ideas from your family life, you'll be more indulgent and try to find solutions instead of moping about problems.

You'll implicitly achieve harmony and wellness (and some additional rewards for your kind actions and being able to redirect circumstances).

Are you single? In that case, do some work to fight emotional loneliness. You might even find a date if you move around just enough.


Your week takes off with alarms blaring all around you, but you'll only hear them if you sharpen your senses.

After some apparent stability, Taurean skies seem to become troublesome in money and work.

Especially more so if you have to deal with Cancers or Sagittariuses on a daily basis, which are signs with which you'll easily clash.

There's no skeletons on the wardrobe, so there's nothing to fear, but things are being done in a different way than you thought, indeed.

You should drink plenty of water, because you'll have to have a long chat to reach an agreement, and to make it as explicit as you can.


The Magic Horoscope has already pointed out how important emotions are when it comes to money and love.

The key here will be not to go too far off-track and not to listen to your outbursts, because you'd end up regretting your actions after poor, anxiety-inducing choices.

Jupiter will help you have a stronger willpower, and its influence will be useful to redirect all areas affecting both your mental and physical wellness.

By the way, Taureans, are you on a diet? If that's the case, there's good numbers coming!