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Taurus Forecast for December 11

Prediction for Tuesday
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Your heart will beat faster than usual, because there's passion in the air and you're willing to make love the essence of your life.

You're not going to quit your responsibilities or anything of the sort, of course, but you will put your loved one's needs before anything else.

Your love interest will be much appreciative of that, but they won't tell you explicitly; they'll just subtly drop a clue or two.

Love conquests will be quite an interesting feat for singles, but you shouldn't flirt with anyone you're not interested in.

Let that free-roaming Don Juan sleep away and make honesty your guide today.


Your Tuesday is full of financial uncertainty, doubts about work, and especially more so, how you manage your time.

It's a resource almost more valuable than money itself, isn't it?

Just like Pinocchio, you need a cricket to act as your conscience and help you take the best steps for your wellness.

Don't be ashamed, pick up the phone and call a colleague! Tell them about your concerns and get their intel on the matter.

Perhaps you'll get the slight push you need to be sure you're doing things as well as you can, or at least, as well as anyone can.

Everything you're told will be true, so do some reflection once the chat's over.


Melancholy wants to attack you by bringing back people or circumstances who are part of a beautiful time of your life which is over and never coming back.

Jupiter will give you drive and effort to stop you from going weak and to enjoy your present; not the past, not the future, but the here and now.

Go get them! Play on!

To cleanse your body a little bit, try having some fresh ginger in a nice big cup of warm water. You'll feel yourselves getting better.