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Taurus Horoscope for 12 December

Your Forecast for Wednesday
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This December 12th, the stars will favour communication and new contacts, brand-new acquaintances that would bring some freshness into your life.

But Mercury makes your skies grey, and jealousy and arguments will flow into your relationship, because you're not willing to have your partner find brand new worlds of their own.

Taureans, you can be so selfish (and almost disrespectful) sometimes! And all because of some hidden rooted fears from your heart.

Like a splinter that's hard to pull out, but not that impossible anyway. Be a little more optimistic and put the whip and riding crop away, because it wouldn't be fair from you to bring them out today.

You know that, if you're single, you'll also get to know a great group of people, so pay attention to see if any of them should apply for the job of residing in your heart, with two beats pacing equally in a clear, steady future.


Do you have the kind of job where a tyrant boss doesn't stop looking over your shoulder, and analysing every move you make to see where they can tell you off?

Play it safe if that's your case (or relatively similar) because today you're quite prone to being told off.

There's sharks hiding under your boat that will eventually bite you underwater, and you'll have to come afloat with a lifeboat.

On the other hand, antiques' buying and selling could be quite profitable for you today, as well as works of art.


Are you fully aware of how increasing your daily activities increases your stress too, Taureans?

Don't be so concerned about filling up your daily quota of entertainment and work, and take a break every now and then.

Get away from this dreary Wednesday by going to the movies on your own or with a loved one, and jump into the magical world of cinema.

Rosemary tea could also help you today to fight those annoying headaches. Have you tried it yet? You'll definitely see the results!

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