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Taurus Magic Horoscope for December 13

Prediction for Thursday
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Alarms are roaring all over Venus! Your partner's heart seems to have run away, and the love police inside you should release an arrest warrant against it.

This Thursday will definitely be intense, Taureans, because not everything will be a bed of roses, and there certainly won't be any butterflies fluttering around your belly.

You'll have to do plenty of work to keep love by your side, because there's slight details that could become great barriers driving you apart.

It's true that you're not entirely to blame, though, because your shared circumstances have evolved, and you're not the same as when you met one another.

Be patient and pull out your claws to fight for what you want by your side!

If you're single Taureans, dates won't only be blind, but also deaf and mute.

Don't despair if things don't work on the first try, everything can improve!


Watch out for mugging, Taureans, because the Magic Horoscope predicts that you'll be an easy target for thugs and thieves.

It's nothing that can't be stopped, though. Don't shelter at home as if it were an impenetrable fortress!

If you're expecting a budget call to fix an appliance that's broken down, or because you want to get yourselves a treat, you should know that things won't go the way you expect them to.

Unfortunately for you, the bill will be quite high, so think things through and consider whether you're willing to spend that money, or you prefer to pay it up later.


There's one good thing for you today, Taureans: an excellent mood.

Your desire to live has skyrocketed!

Such is the case, that if you're going through discomfort, you won't even want to pay it any attention, and you'll live your life the regular way.

In order to make that lively spirit last, try to have a properly enlightened day.

Walk under the sun if you can, open up the windows to let it shine over your home, and have light be your guide wherever you go.

Besides, you'll manage to give part of your inner flame to your loved ones.

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