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Taurus Daily Horoscope for December 14

Your Horoscope for Friday
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Your self-confidence is causing you to have a distorted perception of reality, Taureans. At least that's what the Magic Horoscope says.

At a first glance, you believe this Friday is just another day, but behind that quiet façade there's a storm brewing.

Your partner's feeling unhappy, and even miserable, about some of your attitudes. Although they're not exactly the most appropriate, you've come to think they're fine and harmless.

Rather than talking to your significant other, the stars encourage you to talk to a close friend or relative so that you can tell them what's going on.

Watching from the outside, you'll see that there's some boundaries you shouldn't ever trespass, and love will flow back into your life bit by bit.

If you're single, the same star arrangement can be interpreted as a foul behaviour with the person you're interested in.

You've been warned: you need to change your ways to avoid being cast away without love on the horizon.


Today you'll be humbled down real well, Taureans, because you're not that fine or dandy either at work.

Some wise individuals will give you advice to sort out some of the mistakes you make, especially when dealing with human resources and relationships.

Let go of that sceptre of power no one ever gave you, and read your situation better, because you could be left to fend for yourselves because of some pedantry of yours.

Be also careful with scheduled payment times, because otherwise, tears will fall when you have to pay extra charge.


Try not to be too delicate, Taureans, especially if you're undergoing an unpleasant medical treatment.

You know it'll do wonders for you, and no matter if you're happy or miserable about it, you'll have to experience that anyway.

In fact, today's the perfect day to undergo an operation, or to check in to your nearest hospital for whatever issue's affecting you.

Cast your fears aside, because the stars will help you out so that your wellness is strong and powerful at all times.