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Taurus Daily Horoscope for December 15

Your Horoscope for Saturday
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Complaining about your loved ones, including your partner, is something you've done more than once or twice with friends or close relatives.

However, you should watch your mouth even if you're joking, because today there'll be words and gestures that come out under the spotlight and become public up to a certain extent.

You'll look like cowards who can't talk about issues face to face, who choose the backdoor to throw out their tension.

Don't open your mouth if you want to avoid becoming a slave to your words! It's much better to be the master of your quietness and silence, according to the Magic Horoscope's predictions.

If you're single, your attraction will be a little far-out, and you won't come home with whom you wanted; instead, you'll be more appealing to people who aren't quite your type.


This Saturday's a good day for the family expenses you need to double-check to be carried out in the most democratic way possible.

Ask your children, your siblings, whoever it takes! Find out what they want and what their concerns are, and if it's needed, take a vote to know where your money should go.

There might be some clashing, at least for many Taureans, especially those born within the first ten days of the sign.

But that's how you learn not to impose, and you'll know that everyone else wants to be heard, and that even though they might not express their desires or concerns out loud, it doesn't mean they have none to share.


There's an old adage according to which the early bird gets the worm, and leaving nature aside, the truth is that starting your day early will be a perfect idea.

There's no excuses possible! It doesn't matter if it's a Saturday and you want to sleep in.

Laziness is an enemy to kill and bury away, and if you have free time, your best choice is to have breakfast and take a short half-hour run.

It'll activate your metabolism, hit you with an energy boost, and your day will be much better wellness-wise, both physically and mentally. You'll see if you try!