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Taurus Daily Horoscope for December 16

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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Your manners will bloom and shine today, Taureans. You'll be very gentle, with delicate gestures and great manners and calmness when behaving around your loved ones.

Especially with your partner -if you have one-, you'll make them fall head over heels in love, because you'll give a beautiful trace that they'll follow instinctively.

Besides, you'll know how to make that smell of peace and connection remain around the air, because you'll be quite gifted to do that.

If you're single, you should use this chance to flirt with that seemingly impossible platonic love interest.

Perhaps, today you could be bordering on glory without having to break your back to do so. It's all a matter of having some self-confidence, showing a beautiful smile and letting go.


This Sunday, it looks like leprechauns are playing around with your belongings, Taureans, because it'll be hard for you to find many of your items around the house.

Especially those items related to money, such as your credit card. That's why you should try not running out of cash!

In the end, whatever's gone will show up again, so don't get upset about it. It's just that you might not need it as much when you find it.

It'll be a wake-up call for you to become tidier individuals, Taureans, and to not leave everything scattered around.

Besides, tidiness is also an equivalent to finances; if everything's tidy, things will last longer, and you'll have to replace them less often and later than usual!


Today you have a lucky star aligning your inner world and banishing away those demons that sometimes disturb your peace, even if no one knows they're there.

In fact, you'll have such a good mood, sometimes you'll want to pinch yourselves to see if you're dreaming, to find out whether you're still in real life, and you are indeed!

However, just make sure you commit to those previous arrangements connected to your health, such as continuing with your medical treatment, or going to bed at an appropriate time.

Tomorrow's Monday, and you have a tough week to fight through ahead of you.