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Taurus Daily Horoscope for December 17

Your Horoscope for Monday
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The Magic Horoscope predicts you'll wake up filled with euphoria and fun, as the preview for the last fortnight of the year.

That readiness to have fun can make you naughtier than you can afford, and even more so than what your partner can endure, Taureans.

You think you can tame lions, but you never believe that one of those beasts could pounce back and hurt you with a set of sharp claws.

Play your cards carefully, don't go crazy, and think about the consequences of your actions, especially if you add some spice into the mix.

Your partner might not take things too well, so if you avoid making them upset, that's even better, don't you think?


A mistake could be the end of a fruitful project currently developing around you. You might not be part of it just yet, but you could shortly get involved.

Stay informed and keep a positive attitude in case you need to jump straight into action, to repair whatever damage other people have done.

Your sense of professionalism will allow you to climb positions and earn recognition; you should learn to receive flattery, don't feel small.

Since the week is just starting off, try to create good budgets for the everyday expenses that will take place in the next few days.

And of course, force yourselves to follow through, because otherwise it would be a waste of time to work on them, right?


Your learning skills will sharpen up this Monday, and you could use them to get informed on how to improve your health.

Stimulate your brain patterns, pay close attention to the world around you, and get to know your body.

Your mind is so agile, you'll even be able to multitask with some efficiency added into the mix (something that you should admit doesn't happen as often as you'd want it to).

Finally, the Magic Horoscope is telling you to watch your back today, especially if you need to pull weights. You don't want to get injured out of a foul gesture, do you now?

Always make your moves gentle.