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Taurus Daily Horoscope for December 18

Your Horoscope for Tuesday
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This Tuesday you'll be like a wild horse constantly driving flies away; you'll have a high sensitivity, and you'll be affected by practically everything.

If you can, try to express your emotions the right way, measuring and choosing your words wisely, Taureans.

If your partner's acting in a way you don't like, let them know almost instantly, without letting it slide by.

What's the point of waiting a whole week to tell them that today they did something that hurt you deep in your soul? None at all, of course!

If you said goodbye to a lover after a pretty long while, don't let your demons drive you away.

Those foul behaviours could come out under the spotlight and you might feel too heavily embarrassed.


How much time do you spend in front of the computer, whether you're working or just having fun, Taureans?

Today, the stars will sharpen your wits to earn money through technology. You'll be able to earn profits from interacting with your computer in many different ways.

Just by doing some Internet research, you'll find sites that offer you money for reading e-mails or answering surveys. Easy, right?

However, to avoid future headaches and to separate this money source from your private life, be cautious enough to create a separate e-mail account!

In other news, avoid debt: you might find it hard to pay them off, and this will get you in a very sticky situation.


All relaxation methods will make you feel better today, according to the Magic Horoscope.

In fact, you're pretty tense and prone to back pain, insomnia or headaches.

The key to feel better might lie in Eastern techniques such as yoga, in a timing and circumstances well suited to your personality and daily life.

It'll allow you to get rid of that deep-rooted aggressiveness, which we sometimes repress until we pretend it's not there, but it actually is dormant within.