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Taurus Daily Horoscope for December 19

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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In order to have a happy home, you'll have to completely give up your introverted side, whether you like it or not, and talk honestly to your partner.

You'll have to work together instead of thinking about your empty complaints, the ones that you send out without really knowing why or what you want with them.

On the contrary, if you do nothing, what's most likely to happen is that an issue ready to tackle will get sorted out, but outside the relationship, going your separate ways.

You'll be highly selective if you're single, almost bordering on too hard to handle.

For you, even the most attractive guys and gals will have something foul that will drive you away, as if you deserved something of a better quality.

That'll reduce your chances of finding a heart to fit into your pocket, so try being more open.

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Ask yourselves something and answer without looking at the clock, let alone your phone: are you aware of what day it is, Taureans?

The Magic Horoscope predicts you're a little out of place, and you might be thinking that you have more days than you actually do to get a project done or send an important payment.

Focus on what's important and don't let days slip through your fingers, because later on there might be trouble, and your ill-managing mind will be the main culprit.

Work on your creativity anyway, because even if you have a small budget, you'll do pretty flashy, colourful things.

Imagination rocks. Your potential will be out of this world if you just let it grow!


Your fear of growing old will slightly punish you today, because all you'll see is wrinkles and imperfections which come from the natural passing of time.

To that, we can add that someone will rudely judge your looks and hurt you real deep.

The mixture of both things will poison your vibrations, and you might not even want to leave your bed at some point.

Don't be silly, Taureans, and fight your fears. Remember that your heart will be as old or young as you want it to. No more, no less.