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Taurus Horoscope for 2 December

Your Forecast for Sunday
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Taureans, even if it's the end of the week, the stars need to clearly state that you shouldn't get distracted; otherwise, you'll regret it.

Pluto and Mars can cause serious trouble around your skies and harm your relationship in the process. What's worse, the real cause behind it could be silly.

Arguments that are simpler than two plus two could get stuck in your hearts, and what seemed to be a bed of roses could soon turn into a living nightmare.

Of course, this doesn't mean that passion will fade away, because in the midst of all the arguments, with war fully unleashed, you might let yourselves go and make things up in bed.

Try to stay calm, and if you're single, be sure that it will not be sparkles and rainbows all around, and if you're talking to someone, try not to ignite new sparks into an ongoing fire.


This Sunday, a strong feeling of empowerment will be born within you, which could give you interesting results regarding your finances and the way you make a living.

Self-confidence is becoming stronger and more powerful within you, and the roots you set will help this spirit find a home, at least for the time being.

You know that it's time to make interesting, relevant decisions, but you have potential for that and so much more.

In this sense, the stars are protecting you, and with their light, they enlighten your path towards success and affluence; however, you should be cautious and not let yourselves be blinded by greed.


Under a general scope, the Magic Horoscope doesn't see wellness issues in your future, and you won't be involved in an accident that will make your day worse.

There won't be any nasty slips, nor any noise around you to hammer into your head. That's great!

However, your mind could play tricks against you regarding a certain obsession with cleaning and hygiene.

Don't go to excess and remember, for instance, that ears don't need to be picked clean or anything similar, they can clean themselves (as long as we don't have any infections or illnesses going on).