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Taurus Daily Horoscope for December 20

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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Your feelings will go over the roof today, and you'll be experiencing a tremendous exaggeration of what is actually going on within your soul.

Thus, the Magic Horoscope predicts you'll go to excess, but if you're single... oh, joy! You'll find someone as dramatic as you.

If your partner's going through a serious crisis, your intensity might open up a crack that induces to a prospective break-up.

In that case, try to deal with that overbearing passion.

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Competition isn't always fun or encouraging, let alone when that competition involves your money-making sources, right?

Get ready to change your thoughts, Taureans, because today you'll have to face a tough challenger who wants what you've got.

They want you to fall, and they want your job and wellness on their shoulders. They want you to give up the powerful staff you took so hard and long to earn.

Working on your fierceness won't be simple, Taureans, because that person might be someone you know and even might feel good about.

Don't back down, and think about how far you've gotten to know their real side, and how far acquainted you've become with their enchanting snake-charmer charisma.

When paying up today, try to be careful when giving and receiving cash, because something of yours might fall into someone else's hands. Watch out!


At a first glance, this Thursday you'll be in perfect shape and pretty agile, but also nervous and concerned, which will make you tire yourselves out earlier.

Therefore, you should decline getting into intense physical activity to stop your strength from draining all out, and if you had a training session at the gym, put it off for tomorrow (but just this once, alright?).

That stinging scorpion of nervousness could also make your resourcefulness fade, and bring impatience into the mix.

Try to drive those foul vibrations away by burning incense cones, or if you have none, burn some rosemary bush.