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Taurus Daily Horoscope for December 23

Your Horoscope for Sunday
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Mercury wants nothing good for you this Sunday, when Christmas carols should be the soundtrack of your day.

Therefore, you'll encounter several obstacles that won't allow you to lead a completely happy love life.

Senseless arguments, the ones you have just to avoid staying quiet, but which feel as tight and uncomfortable as the wrong size of clothing.

Therefore, bring out your strength to fight whatever dragons you need to kill, but not with a sword; do it with hugs and love.

On the other hand, being the time of year that it is, you might get a rush of nostalgia that makes you miss those who are no longer around.

But don't suffer, because that's okay, and it's very nice of you to remember them, and to relive those beautiful moments you shared.

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You'll be blessed by material luck this Sunday, Taureans. According to the Magic Horoscope there'll be a raise in your income.

Perhaps that increase comes through a bonus or an inheritance which finally comes around.

On the other hand, Mercury's helping you to go on a good shopping spree, especially if it involves luxury articles or collectibles.

Articles and pieces that never lose their worth automatically, as it usually happens with cars (that's definitely the worst investment you can make, and let's not even mention how high-maintenance they are).


The week comes to a peaceful end, with good health under control, even if you've had days where tension or blood sugar were at high levels.

However, you should avoid abusing sugar as much as you can, not only because it affects diabetes, but because it also brings cholesterol, that foul enemy we always need to fight back.

Try to eat plenty of salads, carrots and even cabbage, as well as lean fish and grilled meat (don't douse it in sauce!).

You might have especially sensitive skin, so be careful when using some fabrics that could bring a rash.