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Taurus Magic Horoscope for December 3

Daily Prediction for Monday
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Life will give you a minor slap on the face, a turn of events that you hadn't seen coming among your daily calculations.

This is an upsetting situation that will take a few days for you to forget about, but it will be less harmful than it could thanks to love in the widest sense of the word.

You'll feel protected by your partner and friends, and you'll find that there's more shoulders to cry on around you than you initially thought.

Time heals everything. It's an old popular saying, but it's also a true fact, so don't moan any more than you should, okay?

And when you get it together, be happy about having someone by your side. If you're single, that affection will come from someone who might find a home in your soul pretty soon.


Try to get off your mind the idea that businesses with the most expensive services are the best, because that's not always the case, Taureans.

You actually do know that, but it's easy to let ourselves go through social status, trying to look good, and to project a position that maybe we don't even own or need to people around us.

Therefore, this Monday you should be mistrusting of whoever wants to sell you magic beans, because there's no room in your heart for flattery in a society where money seems to have become the new God in town.

If you're native Taureans in the healthcare service sector, such as doctors, nurses and other experts, you might be forced to help someone in need, so stay alert.


Problems outside your personal sphere will be the ones to render you sleepless this Monday, Taureans, and they will even cause you to have some minor anxiety.

Try to keep your mind busy, find distractions, play a game of solitaire on the living room table if you need it... Whatever you can find!

That way, the demons taking over your heart will fly away and you'll perform a sort of exorcism that will allow you to make peace with your own inner essence.

Of course, it won't be easy, and you might even want to take on board the help from natural herbs such as lime or valerian in a nice cup of tea.