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Taurus Daily Prediction for 4 December

Tuesday's Taurus Forecast
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You won't even need to summon them. The muses will visit you this Tuesday according to the Magic Horoscope's predictions, and you'll be able to unfold your artistic potential at free will.

There's probably an artistic skill that you're good at: writing, music, painting... It doesn't matter which one it is!

Through art you'll find a mighty fine way to channel your feelings and convey them to the owner of your heart.

Give your creativity free rein and write a poem about what you're feeling, make a song, or let everything inside you come out through a beautiful stage play.

The muses will guide your path to reach the romantic place you're so desperate to inhabit, and if you're single, your art will win the heart of whoever you please.


Your finances aren't as solid as they should because you can't cut the flow of minor expenses well enough.

A constant outpouring of money that goes down the drain through minor expenses to which you're not paying the slightest attention.

Eating at a restaurant when you don't really need to and you're not celebrating anything in particular, or keeping the lights on. That shows up on your bills later!

Try to have more control, and think that every step you take will have an influence on your accounts at the end of the month. In the midst of Christmas, it really won't be fun to find big bills in the mailbox.


You need to stay a bit more active, Taureans, and not just through exercise.

Don't worry, because the stars won't recommend you to do unusual sports such as pole vaulting or anything like that.

But you should instead be more mentally strong to fight apathy back, because sometimes it stops you from reading a nice book, going for a run around the park, or just doing anything that activates your body or mind.

Be more communicative! Probably your partner or one of your closest friends would love to join you to do anything you like, ranging all the way from going to the gym to signing up for a book club.

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