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Taurus Prediction for 5 December

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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It's perfectly okay to be reserved, Taureans. If we all said the truth and shared every single thing that happens in our lives, we would definitely become involved in a permanent storm of information.

However, think about all the secrets you're keeping from your partner, and who knows that information, if there actually is anyone who does.

In your closest circle of acquaintances, you might find a traitor who thinks they're doing the right thing and showcasing an example of honesty, but on the other side, they're betraying you and they might reveal things that you'd rather keep away.

Be especially careful if you've been having an affair, something that your significant other has no idea about.

You might even find that your lover will reveal the secret and bring out under the spotlight whatever happened in the strictest intimacy (and secret hiding).

Bringing out your most charming, talented side might make the bomb explode in the end.


You'll have a perfect Wednesday regarding your finances, according to the Magic Horoscope's predictions.

If you've experienced certain overwhelming financial issues, today you'll give them the importance they deserve, and you'll even come up with ways to sort them out easily.

It wouldn't be too bad an idea to get your accounts updated to see if the payments are coming through as they should, and whether there's enough funds for all incoming expenses.

Also, the universe says today's a good day for negotiations, asking for raises or getting days off.


There's no serious issues on your skies, Taureans, and if you've experienced discomfort from a chronic illness, you should know that there's improvement coming ahead.

However, too many duties (more than what you should be doing) could make you tired, but deep down they're just a way to express your anxiety.

While you're at it, watch your blood pressure. You can get it measured at any chemist's.

Even if you're not native Taureans who nap, perhaps it might be good if you took a short nap today.