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Taurus Forecast for December 6

Prediction for Thursday
Taurus Daily Horoscope |



For you, this Thursday will awaken your feline side, the lion that's been dormant within you with sharp claws that are usually hidden away.

You're about to witness an injustice against one (or a few) of your loved ones.

This will awaken your inner rage and set you into battle beast mode, breaking the apparent aura of niceness that usually surrounds you.

It'll be hard, but you should think about your loved ones to avoid getting carried away. Try to make the monster fall back into sleep.

Especially so because you could pay a high price for any reckless behaviour you show, alright, Taureans?


Although you try to convey a powerful image with an absolute sense of control over your finances and work, you know that isn't always the case.

In fact, you're well aware of some serious mistakes you've made, which occasionally awaken your deepest fears if they should ever become known to the public eye.

The Magic Horoscope will make you feel at ease in that sense, Taureans: you'll come to see for yourselves that everything's fine, and that the cattle hasn't gone anywhere despite leaving the door open.

Besides, your mental agility is quite quick, and you'll be able to improve your finances thanks to your detection of opportunities, strengths and weaknesses within your field of expertise.

You'll definitely sweat it out, but you're about to taste the honey that's slid across your lips so many times and intoxicated you with its sweet, sweet smell.


This Thursday, Neptune and Saturn will influence your health, and the good news is, they won't be as awkward as they used to.

This means you should be all-around fit, and you'll even have a quite highly developed sense of physical agility, as well as your balance.

However, mentally speaking you could be having some issues, especially when trying to go to sleep, because of recurring nightmares.

Little home movies where your current concerns will intertwine with monsters, accidents and other unpleasant situations.

Putting some coral under your pillow or on the nightstand could be a good remedy to send bad vibrations away.

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