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Taurus Horoscope for 7 December

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If your love story were a movie, right now you'd feel like a supporting actor or actress who got their thunder stolen.

Why don't you get down to work to take the lead of your heart and relationship with all your might?

It's true that we might not feel like the main stars sometimes, but it's important to give it your all every minute, with passion as your guide.

You can't neglect the person who's chosen you as their life partner, Taureans, no matter how busy you are and how complex your circumstances are.

Open up your soul, show your inner light that you sometimes darken away because of your shyness, and stand out fearlessly!


There's decisions being made that affect you quite directly, and no one's asking you about it.

These are actions that will definitely have an influence on how you make a living and which will be ultimately decided upon by powerful people who are hierarchically above you.

You're still in time to prove your worth, no matter if you want to keep things as they are and show you're essential, or to make yourself be chosen to improve your work conditions through a raise.

You're very well aware that you need to try hard to draw your life, the path that will allow you to earn money and improve not only your lifestyle, but also that of your loved ones!


So this is Christmas, and you'll be entering a stage with more excess than you'd want around.

Dates with friends, family luncheons and other events that will fill up your belly with fatty, caloric foods.

In order to avoid having a mirror meltdown in January, sort every binge out with a day full of proteins, and bring carbs and fats to the very minimum.

While you're at it, think about asking for a gym device for Christmas that you can use at home to keep your belly flat.

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