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Taurus Magic Horoscope for December 8

Daily Prediction for Saturday
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Uranus strongly sets a romantic mood for Taureans this Saturday, so you'll feel a pretty extreme need for gentle strokes and affection.

It's great that you want to feel the love, but you can't go begging for it, and you certainly aren't entitled to get mad if you don't get your way.

Learn to deal with frustration and remember that, when it comes to matters of the heart, you can give and receive love, but not demand it.

What doesn't come from within can't be stirred and boosted with words alone; at least, not if you want the kiss or hug to be completely honest.


Some unexpected money will fall into your hands, and it could come from a present or an incentive, or because someone is giving you back the money you loaned with some interests added up.

Use that money well (and it'll be even better if you save it). December is a long, long month, and it can get real cold.

In other news, the Magic Horoscope reveals that your personal bet on a business or a money-making source, the one you thought about so much which can't quite find support, won't work out too well.

It's hard when you can't win, but you won't take it lightly either when your loved ones know you've failed, because this situation could very well take that label.


Taureans, pay attention to your body's signs today, because you're forcing your way through life.

If at some point you feel your body failing or that a past injury (possibly in your legs: a sprain, a fracture, a broken ligament...) is back again, take measures.

Visit your doctor right away and follow the corresponding treatment before things go worse and there's no turning back. Don't you dare get stubborn about this!

It'd be usual that, as the day goes by, you found yourselves more and more tired, and less willing to do things, but today the opposite will occur.

You'll wake up with a bit of dizziness around your mind, but as soon as dusk falls, your hunger will strike hard and you'll be ready to take on the world.