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Taurus Daily Prediction for 9 December

Sunday's Taurus Forecast
Taurus Daily Horoscope |



Today will be a great day for couples with at least one Taurean in the ranks. If both of you are native Taureans, everything will probably become an enchanting fantasy fairytale.

The planets will align in an excellent harmony, which will push you into giving your relationship the top priority spot.

This way, you'll do anything it takes to improve your relationship with your partner, and it doesn't necessarily need to be about passion and messy sheets.

If you're single, you'll enjoy an intense day where you'll be charmed by a love at first sight, because Cupid has sharp, pointy arrows and you're the most likely one to be his best and biggest target yet.

Don't eat your mind up thinking that your freedom could end, and let everything flow to see where things go.


You won't tell anyone about it, but this Sunday looks like a day made for regret to you.

You know you've been living through a faster pace than you could handle, and now you feel like this train is too crazy and about to derail.

Meditate all you want, and feel sorry if that's what you feel like doing.

But this experience should teach you a lesson in handling yourselves in the future, because rather than making it until the end, what's most important is to enjoy the landscape as you ride.


Today you'll somehow easily know how to channel your negative thoughts, the ones we all have almost on a daily basis, to avoid them from interfering with your happiness.

Curiosity, the search for pleasure and artistic expressions could melt together in one single spirit to take over your soul and help you make the world a much more beautiful, peaceful place.

You'll even be gifted enough as to mediate between people with differing points of view, like the friends' couple who recently broke up and are currently battling against each other.

It's the best way to end this December week, it absolutely is.

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