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You start the month with a feeling of confidence and believing in your seduction skills; be honest, Taureans, you think you can make your partner do what you want, as if you were a snake charmer.

And hey, you might make it this time, but you'd probably be wrong if you think that you'll always get your way; what's more, your relationship could start getting into murky waters if you always do things this way.

If you don't try to keep a warm, friendly atmosphere between the two of you, if the spark doesn't ignite any flames from your side, your relationship will slowly wilt away.

As of right now, you might not know how to win the heart of that person who makes you skip a beat if you're single Taureans.

Ask your closest friends for advice, and you'll find the guidance of a good path where you still have much to encounter.


As far as money's concerned, forgiveness is much better than revenge. And the stars are telling you this because there might be many Taureans out there who know there's something strange going on.

Quite serious and almost unnecessary issues which affect you directly and which fill your mind with thousands of thoughts.

If you want to take an active war against the person (or group of people) who've betrayed you, think about how long the battle could last.

Also, consider how long you'll be willing to wield your axe to strike it in revenge.

Wouldn't it be more productive to try and rebuild the foundations of everything instead of fighting to restore your damaged honour?


Going beyond a nice, warm shower and the basic parameters of hygiene, you're usually careless about your body, your looks and your skin as of lately.

When was the last time you used a skin-cleansing tonic? It's time to get rid of dead skin. This will help you to make gels and creams sink in better and perform more effectively.

Remember that your skin needs to be hydrated at night, because the day has attacked it, so to say, through make-up (or pollution), although it should be cleansed in the morning as well.