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This Saturday, there don't seem to be any planets directly linked to Taureans' love life.

It does look like Uranus will be in good shape, so it will prevent your relationship from becoming tedious, especially if you already feel like it's stuck in a dreary routine.

Your mind will think about going crazy and taking detours, so it won't be necessary to go somewhere new, where the grass is fresher and greener. The stars will take you down the right path.

There's full calmness in the love life of single Taureans, but this shouldn't be misread as a complete lack of action.

It just means that love has minor detours, and that today it's more likely that there'll be demonstrations of friendship, rather than love.


Did you recently get the shopper's rush and now you're regretting it?

It might not be too late, Taureans, as long as you haven't used whatever items you bought and keep your receipts safe.

It's a good time to get back what you really don't need to have money come back into your wallet and not come out back again.

As far as projects are concerned, the stars recommend you not to ride cars that go too fast, if you don't want to crash through the window as long as they start drifting.

In fact, it isn't a good day either to agree on a raise.

If you're Taureans looking for a job, you should think about visiting a job counselor, so that they find out where you're going wrong and how to do things the right way.


If you've been in a rut of foul mood, the stars have an idea: every morning, think about three good things for which you can be thankful.

Easy, right? You just have to do this for three full weeks.

As days go by, you'll see the difference and your mood will be so much better.

If this feeling comes from stress, include some melon in your diet to ease your anxiety down (and improve your metabolism).