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Attention to all Taureans looking for love, those of you who wander down the streets waiting for Cupid to shoot his arrows at you!

Today you'll be highly prone to experiencing love at first sight, although the Magic Horoscope has a flair to it that implies distance, which could be physical or language-based.

This can be read with the idea that a foreigner will show up in your life. You will have language barriers, or you will have to part ways soon.

Will this be the love of your life? The stars make some way for you to explore and reach that conclusion by yourselves.

For Taureans who are already dating, small tokens of appreciation will be the cherry on top this week.


Your eloquence should be sharper than ever today, because you'll have heated arguments based on money.

It won't be an argument with your family because of a mismatch in numbers, or business partners with differing points of view.

The interpretation of your skies goes more along the lines of a direct clash with people in your same field of expertise who consider you their direct rival.

Jealous people who want to cast you aside so that they can shine brighter and stay on top of the mountain.

You certainly won't let that happen, because Jupiter will send you its energy to deal with this situation and anything else that comes your way.

The ideal thing here would be for you to make them understand that you should row the boat in one single direction, all together with one goal; although it won't be simple, it'll be really hard to do.


Your body's staying strong and recovering from minor issues that had weakened you down a little. Especially if you've had health issues around your head, including your eyes.

Therefore, you'll finish the week feeling stronger than ever before. Enjoy this blessed Sunday!

It is true that you might experience minor discomfort because of allergies, but nothing new, just about what you already know.

That's why it wouldn't be that bad an idea to do some cleaning around the house, to get rid of all traces and bits of dust, which will help your respiratory tract as well.