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There's beautiful things about to happen on Monday, Taureans, so get your best smile ready and open up to share love and sense of humour all around!

The Magic Horoscope predicts that your relationship will be backed up passion-wise by tenderness and a sense of mutual trust.

You'll rise to cloud nine with your partner, and if you want to enjoy, you better not come back down to Earth!

Many of our bull friends might even revive their libido and willingness to engage into intimacy after a time where apathy was the queen of everything.

For singles, the stars say that this moment, this start of the week, could be a chance to escape those apparently confusing and inexplicable hardships in love that some of you have had to face.

As if this weren't enough, as a bonus, you'll have the chance to build (or rebuild, depending on what your situation is) a love life on a much more solid foundation than before.


Even if there's areas in your financial life that you like and enjoy having, you should think: where are you now and where are you going?

Are you making progress in your career, or did you get too comfortable in a situation you'd rather not change because it feels like too much work?

In a foreseeable, near future, the winds of change will turn your compass around, and you'll have to adapt to new circumstances.

So, how about taking the lead instead and making change for yourselves trying to make your financial life shine brighter?


You'll have to keep an appropriate control of your innocent impulse in order to avoid harming your health, Taureans, so bring out all the might that you can!

If you leave aside critical thinking and trust your friends more, you'll see there's not that much darkness around you anyway.

But the beacon of light from heaven will show you where the obstacles lie so that you can avoid them as they come up against you, in order to rule over your impulse.

And if you have no time for sport, at least try to walk everywhere and always choose the stairs as your road upwards.