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Today's a day when your brain will be away from everything around you, your closest reality, and you'll experience a tendency to lie.

To talk about things that didn't happen, hide information from your partner, or about your relationship (saying that everything's fine when you're in a pinch, for instance).

This is a dangerous game, because you could fall into a spiral from which there's no easy way to escape.

And in the end, you might want lies to become your reality, but it won't be the case, and that's why frustration could become visible.

At least you'll have a calm family environment, and the arguments with people under your charge (a child, a dependent person) will fade away.


Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were little, what you wanted to do in life and how did you picture yourself at the age you are now?

It's not a matter of feeling frustrated, because we rarely reach our childish goals, sometimes because they were practically unachievable, and other times, because as we grow up we find our true calling.

Still, the Magic Horoscope is demanding you to bring back that childish excitement to fight for the goals you wanted to reach.

When going shopping, don't throw the receipts away, even if you think there's items you'll never get back, like certain foods.

You never know if there'll be a flaw invisible to the naked eye and you'll have to come back to the store to get a refund.


This Tuesday you could experience bloating or swelling, especially if you're Taureans who have already undergone an operation or have a specific diagnosis assigned.

Always listen to your doctor, and avoid grandma's old remedies, because they're useless at their best and harmful at their worst.

Your sweet-craving spirits will be more visible and active than ever, and you'll have to get witty to satiate that sweet appetite.

Of course, fruit is your best bet and ally. Play with it! Match up different types, try freezing it... there's endless possibilities to it!