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You'll start your week with an intense session of caution and privacy, and you'll block many people from entering what you consider your secret garden.

Raising up your barriers and burning off bridges is what you might want, of course, but you can go too far and might have to cope with the toll of loneliness.

Try to be more social and cheerful, enjoy your loved ones, and if you have a partner, don't neglect them while staying warm in your deepest core.

If you don't, you're running the risk of making them feel unappreciated, and forcing them to find another home where the fire burns brighter.

Within your family, there'll be bad news about health issues from someone dear, such as an urgent surgery procedure or a bad fall.


Watch your finances! The Magic Horoscope predicts you'll feel strongly tempted about an investment opportunity where there seem to be nothing but profits.

Be very careful, and stay alert if there's the slightest change of attitude in the people who are trying to convince you; perhaps they're trying to take all your money.

At work, you shouldn't go by unnoticed; be creative, get the attention of anyone you need to, and you might even make some of your workmates jealous.

You won't have to worry too much, there won't be any betrayal or trip down the stairs, but you shouldn't be part of useless, time-wasting conversations either.


The stars have already shown that your mood won't be the best this Monday, but don't let despair take over you either.

Shut the door on its face and find time to do what makes you happy and amused; perhaps you could get in the kitchen and bake something, or enjoy your favourite movie.

Take this Monday as a chance to set some good habits to follow every day, easy goals you can achieve to encourage your progress in taking care of yourselves.

For instance, planning your meals wisely so that none of the food groups are missing (fruit and vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates).