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Love games could be very hurtful today. The stars are making your heart turn in the direction of the wrong kind of people, Taureans.

Perhaps it might be that they're already seeing someone they're not going to leave for your sake (although they will use you in a love triangle just because they can), or because they have secrets and habits that aren't the best for you.

Sometimes the stars tell you to just let go, but today the advice is to step on the break if you see things racing too fast.

At least it can be said that unique, emotional loneliness will be away from you and you won't be feeling helpless.

In your family, there might be relevant information released that could affect you directly, and once revealed it could make your point of view change in many areas.


You need to be cautious with words today. You might say too much about affairs that affect your job and the reputation you've got in it.

There will be poisonous snakes around you who'll try to tempt you into telling more than you should, in order to get some valuable information they can trade later.

Bite your tongue and don't give in, no matter what they offer for you to do it.

Neptune will balance out your budget and finances, and it will remind you how to use your resources positively, and help you to avoid acting crazy.


Taureans, your sense of wellness will be quite acceptable according to the Magic Horoscope's predictions, so at a first glance there's no surprises hiding in the back.

This won't stop you, however, from experiencing memory issues, such as forgetting appointments, or leaving your keys at home when rushing to go to work.

It won't be anything serious, so rest assured, but you can help yourselves with techniques such as saying out loud what you're doing at the time; you might not remember the specific event, but you will remember having said it out loud.

When it comes to your diet, don't restrict yourselves so much; be a little more flexible and don't count calories so extremely.