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You've got a wonderfully improved relationship environment due to the arrival of Venus into the skies of your Magic Horoscope.

The affluence of this planet (which is, as you know, the one with the greatest influence over love) will help you spend great times with your beloved, and any misunderstandings will be cleared away.

The stars will help you express your feelings better, even the ones you're embarrassed to share out loud, out of shyness or embarrassment.

On the other hand, singles should get their planners at the ready and start highlighting free spots; everything points out that you'll be highly requested to show up, so do some work in advance!

For some Taureans, although not too many, there'll be love at first sight, and the chance to find someone with whom you could share a home.

This could be really surprising, because they'll call your attention even though you wouldn't consider them your type at first.


Today's planetary affluence will give you notable chances when handling money, and also for speculation in general at a pretty high level.

It might seem that you're exceptionally (and not undeservedly) being served everything on a silver platter.

That flow which we could appoint as a lucky break shouldn't be run through in a rush; you can scatter it across the week that's about to start.

Besides, there's signs that a very stimulating flow will transition across your life this Sunday, and it could be the cause for unexpected or extraordinary events connected to your budget.


Your eyesight could be tired out, especially if you're Taureans who spend hours on end in front of a computer, whether it be because of fun or work.

In that sense, you need to be more careful about the lights around your computer. Distribute it harmonically and equally, and don't let the source of light fall directly above your eyes.

Sight is a sense we need for practically everything, so take care of it and force yourselves to take a break at least every couple hours.

In other news, we can say that you'll be as healthy as can be, and you'll benefit from alternative medicine and therapies.