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Nostalgia will take over your body this Friday, because your sensitivity will be running high and you'll be sensitive to many stimuli.

Therefore, a movie, a smell, a song, will take you to some moment in your past, but not necessarily happy; a memory that seemed to have fallen into deep sleep inside your mind.

What's the consequence of this? Many native Taureans will be the embodiment of melancholy this Friday.

What's there to do? To start with, appreciate your current life, everything you have, and don't get stuck on yesterday, the little pieces that are part on the puzzle of your life.

If you're in a relationship, you're very likely to have their support to go through this rough time, and as time goes by, happiness will come back to you.

You won't feel any despair if you're single, and your friends will be the ones to take you afloat, but let yourselves be loved for once.


Imitating other people's success to try reaching their same financial power and social status could be really troublesome today.

If you make your attitudes automatic and hide away your skills, you might even end up copying the mistakes of the person you're so willing to look up to.

You'll realise your own mistakes in time, Taureans, without other people having to correct you or give you a wake-up call, and you'll change anything that needs to be modified without calling for attention too much. Phew!

In other news, you'll have quite an average day, with no important excess in your expenses or income.


Be honest, Taureans: how many health issues have you been putting off every day?

That dentist's check-up appointment you haven't made just yet, that back pain that hasn't been run through, or the sore throat that's been stuck on you for half a month.

Wake up, smell the coffee and do things right: this is an order from the stars, before there's bigger issues to regret.

Both your physical and mental wellness need proper daily care, in the same way that you protect your economy or your family's happiness.