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Like Zeus raising above the highest point on Mount Olympus, Taureans, you'll desire to rule over your partner's heart like a supreme deity.

Poor partner of yours if they pretend to be interested in someone other than you, just for playing the dangerous game of jealousy!

The stars predict you'll believe you're entitled to making scenes, although it's more likely that you'll be closer to a comedy skit rather than a Shakespearean drama.

Here's some star advice: in order to keep and corner that attention, unfold your seduction skills.

However, if you're single you'll play the kings and queens of hearts and you'll multiply affairs and love stories.

You'll get a good chance of getting to know the person who'll make you want to start a family, but your desire to flirt will become a veil that'll blind you, and you won't see it coming.


According to the Magic Horoscope's predictions, Saturn's impact will be quite negative financially speaking for Taureans.

And not just that; Pluto also has animosity in store for you, and taken to the extreme, it could even become threatening!

You'll definitely be imprisoned in a restrictive environment, and you'll have to keep your finances balanced almost to an epic extreme.

What can you do about it? For starters, forget about that important purchase you've been planning for a good while.

Then, get as perseverant as you can to be the beast that rules over the office to help your account boost up once again.


Mercury will enlighten your skies health-wise, Taureans, and it advises you to find a way to escape stress, that untouchable evil which we barely ever understand.

You especially need to get away from responsibilities in your family and at work by delegating tasks over to others, so that you don't feel like the world is falling on your shoulders.

Techniques such as yoga and shiatsu could help you with this; they'll make you relaxed and help you channel those occasionally black-hued vibrations.

Burning some incense at home will also allow you to drive bad vibrations away from you, and if you don't have any at hand, burning off some rosemary will create that effect too.