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Are you Taureans who broke up with their partner not too long ago after a long relationship?

The stars are asking you this because, if that's your case, you should be ready for a bit of a hard day. People will keep asking about what happened.

What really happened, when did your heart break, whether you're recovering or not, how they experienced something similar in the past.

There'll be times when you feel like enough is enough and you'll be ready to scream, but you should think that they're actually showing they love you, that they care about your wellness.

If you're in a relationship, there's no sudden twists in your skies, but you could pay more attention to your children and their schoolwork.

If you're single, the Magic Horoscope regrets to inform you that this Wednesday will go by like just another grey day and there won't be intense happenings going on... unless you go get them yourselves.


Watch your schedule closely. Get a move on and start paying off bills, incoming fines, and debts all around!

This will stop you from attracting dramatic twists and judgements that would get you in a foul mood and turn out to have a high price.

Even if you want to, the stars won't be getting you any gifts; you'll have to work a lot and really hard, to the point of almost losing all your patience over time.

You should try to have a long-distance race today and avoid focusing on quick results. Instead, focus on slow-progress success, which tastes sweeter in the end.


Are you considering making your family bigger and having more kids, or following a fertility treatment?

This Wednesday will be a good day for everything connected to procreation for native Taureans because of Venus' position in the skies.

It might even be a good time to freeze your eggs or sperm if you're thinking that the kids should come later.

In the same way, if you don't want any more babies to come around, take measures, because the stars are warning you of the chances for pregnancy that you've got around you.

In other news, your day will be pretty much energetic, and your mind will be crystal clear.