Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



There's no doubt that this Thursday you'll be more interested about shining bright in public and having the attention of your workmates or managers (or just anyone who's around you) than reigniting the flames of love with your partner.

Plan every step you decide to take forward or backwards in your story, and assess just how far you should focus on your ambitions in life.

The arguments between some of you won't be irreversible, even if the skies look darker than night itself.

Cut the ties to your past, especially if you're single, because it leads you into making choices that you're not always sure about.

You need to be free again from all those burdens of the past to help your heart grow.


Look closely around you. Can't you see that you have hundreds of items around you every day which could get a brand new life if you'd just use your imagination?

The stars will boost your creativity today so that you can use the most common of objects in new ways, and if you think about it, it's a way to save money.

There are projects ranging from making a bookshelf with wine boxes, all the way to use mason jars as decoration.

Besides, you'll be able to help your environment recover because you won't be generating that much rubbish, and you'll be enjoying the benefits of living in a much more sustainable world!


Are you in a stage of your life where you pay close attention to your teeth and their whiteness?

The Magic Horoscope points out that many native Taureans will be like that. The first thing you should do is avoid obsessing, as hard as it seems.

Then, why not use certain free, easy tips to avoid staining your teeth?

For instance, you can use straws to drink coffee, teas or wine, which are the main beverages that can stain our teeth.

And remember that if you want a nice breath, aside from your usual brushing, you can chew some natural mint leaves, or some chewing gum (but make it sugar-free, of course).