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The weekend is almost here waiting for you to enjoy it, but the stars point out that you have no intention to go steady for the time being.

You long for freedom, to fly away on your own without having to give anyone an explanation (not even to your partner) and you won't be willing to leave things undone.

Your selfishness could get too strong and bring serious consequences, to the extreme of having to resort to plan B, which implies going from a fun environment all the way to the strictest routine.

If we focus in the family environment (isn't our family the place where we find what real love is?), try paying attention to your elders.

They need to talk, they feel lonely, and it'd be perfect if you could find time for a visit and get them something nice; or if they live far, you could give them a nice call.


Taureans, you're well aware that we can have the most expenses in our home budget when going to the supermarket.

You'll be prone to shopping compulsively, so the stars have a task in store for you.

Don't just make a strict, straight shopping list that you should follow head to toe; you also need to analyse what you really need.

Make a small inventory of everything in your pantry or storage, your freezer or fridge, and you'll only buy exactly what you need.

You'll save a great deal of money, you won't have to throw food away because it expires, and your shopping bags will get lighter too!


Following the previous predictions, it wouldn't be too bad an idea to think about why you buy certain foods.

Mainly you do it because of how satisfying it feels to eat them, or thinking about whether they'll be good for your diet, to avoid gaining weight and keeping yourselves in shape.

Why don't you try to focus your menu on taking care of your brain instead of your waistline?

For instance, you can choose a nice serving of salmon: this fish is full of Omega-3, which is essential to prevent neurophysiological malfunctions.

This fish also has many minerals, like selenium.