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Saturday is finally here, and during the day, your romantic relationship will be sheltered by efficiency. Well done, you two!

Together, you'll be able to face specific (and uncomfortable) issues, and you'll try to get them sorted out as quick as possible.Juntos, sabréis abordarán problemas concretos (e incómodos) y os esforzaréis por resolverlos lo más rápido posible.

Romantic aspirations for single native Taureans will get all chances possible to come true.

Still, you'll have to do some work so that the stars give you the chance to reach the seventh heaven. You could be bordering on glory.


This Saturday, try to keep your moves subtle and bring a gentle flair into every single one of your gestures.

The Magic Horoscope recommends you to behave this way because you'll have some mannerisms that might cause an accident that involves valuables.

It could be a scrape in your car when parking next to a column, or a perfume bottle that shatters against the ground because your grip wasn't firm enough.

You should think that you're somehow saving money by taking care of your most expensive belongings! Or at least, you're saving the money you spent on them.

When handling cash, be careful with change so that you don't get tricked, because there'll be lots of cheating happening around you.


Jupiter could bring a sense of unstability to brave Taureans. In this sense, you'll have to be very careful about your diet and bloating.

Bloating creates stress, and stress brings up acidity, as if it were a vicious spiral.

What can you do? Find and get involved in activities that help you relax, like meditation, or have a nice bath and massage at a spa.

Also, eat foods with anti-inflammatory properties, which will do wonders for you this Saturday.

Some are extremely easy to find at the supermarket and to bring into your diet, such as onion and garlic, beets, oily fish or pineapple.

The smell of roses (whether it comes from incense or perfumes) will give you a higher, better mood, so use its benefits!