Taurus Prediction for 25 November

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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The skies promote a magical bond between Taurean natives and their partners, and it's a good day to tell the secrets that are hard to share.

The problems that have left a mark on our lives which we usually skip to mention because of how embarrassed we feel about having become the victims of injustice.

You'll see a strong bond forming between you if you open up your heart, and no one will be able to break it.

However, for those of you who are single, you should be very careful if you try to open your heart up to the first person who acts a little flirty around you.

Especially because there might be dark intentions lurking behind, and the personal information you share could become a weapon.


It's Sunday, and many native Taureans are having a break, but of course, not all of them.

Are you one of the bulls working hard for your money today?

Then pay attention to Mercury, because it points out that you could be entrusted with an important mission (and this could be your chance to prove your potential).

A short-term project which will require, however, that you have plenty of initiative, and possibly some discretion and a powerful aura of collectedness.

On the other hand, if this is your day off, try to make it so, and turn off your phone to avoid work-related calls.


Try to use this Sunday to make your house a home, and to allow it to help you feel physically and mentally better.

Tidy things around a bit, throw away or donate what you don't use, and redecorate the rooms by bringing more light in, which is essential to have a happy flair around the house.

If you can, use more yellow, because it brings a current of positive vibrations into our home thanks to color psychology.

While you're at it, Taureans, how about heading to your local garden center and buying some flashy potted plants to bring some green into your life?

Besides, you're very well aware that they're great to absorb the air's impurity, and they reduce static charge.