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The great dark clouds you saw over your horizon will fly away, and the Sun will bring a little shine into your soul.

From this Monday onwards, your beloved ones will give you real satisfaction, benefits that you hadn't even dared to dream about, almost like a blessing from heaven.

You'll see that you spontaneously forget about the arguments and fights that took place not long ago.

Thus, tenderness and connection will be the belles of the ball, and if you pay enough attention, you'll see there's wonderful music around you.

For single Taureans, this star arrangement sets the mood for understanding, bliss and youth to flow naturally.

You won't have to do much to feel an emotional connection at its fullest.


You'll have to put up with lots of issues, Taureans, because the stars predict that you'll be the target for many people around you today as far as work is concerned.

Work on your self-confidence and don't let anyone accuse you of being someone you're not, all just because they're jealous.

With your head held high and the truth on your hands, you'll even come out stronger from what initially looked like a real pinch.

Credit cards, checks and other payment types that aren't cash could mean trouble, try not running out of money.


As human beings, we're naturally sociable, and even if you love being alone sometimes, you need to go out and make some friends for the sake of your mental wellness.

Try joining a sports club, a charity, help out at your local church... there's probably lots of things you can do!

Gathering at a group that does whatever you like best allows you to create your own identity and improve your mental and physical health.

If you're shy Taureans, you should join one anyway and break that barrier of yours, that fear of the unknown.

You'l see how wonderful it feels in the end!