Taurus Horoscope for 27 November

Your Forecast for Tuesday
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This Tuesday is a good day to gossip about other people's lives, and the way they handle their beloved ones, relationships and break-ups.

This could get fun, right? The problem is when you see the mote in someone else's eye, but you don't see the beam in your own.

According to the Magic Horoscope, you should pay more attention to your heart's issues, because you might be experiencing yourselves what you criticise on others.

This doesn't mean that all Taureans will do that, but many are sure to do so.

Therefore, if you can, try to be more discreet and put away the judge's robe and mallet, because you're definitely not entitled to give a verdict to people who have a romantic relationship around you.


Some of your professional concerns could get really hard to bear with today, and you'll carry them upon your shoulders everywhere you go.

This could weaken the stability you need in areas like your home, which could be indirectly affected.

Even if you think that it's time to squeeze up a little bit, both you and the rest of your family should be more aware of what's going on.

Try wearing a new pair of shades that allow you to see things in perspective and try to keep your children or the people under your watch out of your career and financial issues as much as you can.

It won't be easy, but try to be a little sweeter and more tactful, okay?


Everyone (and whoever says they don't are lying) has prejudice against certain foods that could do wonders for us.

One of the least preferred generally is asparagus, maybe because it makes urine take a strong smell afterwards.

Still, today you should include it in your diet, because it stimulates the kidneys' performance (yours might be a little lazy) and helps them get rid of waste and toxins.

Besides, they have a strong anti-oxidant power, especially when they're raw, which is a natural prevention barrier for many illnesses.

Be creative and have them raw, boiled, roasted, grilled... there's tons of ways to eat them!