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In order to play certain games and give in to your partner, you need to completely trust one another, to have a bond made of conversations and connections.

If this Wednesday you choose to bring other people into your passion, think it through.

Of course you'll have a good time, but you could also unveil all sorts of insecurities and fears that you didn't even know were there.

And this will take its toll, whether you're the insecure one or your partner shows their weakness.

In the same way, singles should be sure of what they're doing if they're up for a date. Do you see yourselves hanging out with that person for the rest of your life?


You'll have to do activities that are more worth your while financially than what you're used to, and develop new areas of your personality.

The Magic Horoscope reveals that you'll have great expenses and you'll have to juggle things around to improve your comfort, lifestyle-wise.

If you're considering working from home, the stars give you their full support, and you could do great things, even more so than what people have predicted for you.

Of course, before you start up your own business, make a feasibility plan, find your strengths and weaknesses, and you'll take stronger, more confident steps.

If you have to find a job, whether it is because you want to change jobs or because you're unemployed, today your CV could stand out to the eyes of someone powerful! But try hard to make sure they read it.


You're well aware that you not only have to worry about your body's wellness; your brain is another organ you need to make work to have perfect health.

Aside from having foods such as fish, which is mighty fine, you could do creative activities like painting or writing, or even making colorful, gorgeous flower centerpieces.

Among other advantages, it'll make your memory stronger and better, and it improves your cognition.

In other news, with a harmonious presence of Mars around your sign, you won't be running short of humour or tone. You'll use your energies to the max!