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You'll have a good day relationship-wise, and no planets will be retrograde to make your soul turn and tumble, nor your partner's either.

Still, it'll be up to you to ruin anything with outbursts and sensitive bouts, because it is predicted that you'll feel overly sensitive today.

Thus, excessively whimsical manners will come out, or perhaps some harsh criticism, or an endless silence perfectly fit for a funeral.

Let demons remain buried in hell and don't let them take over you; don't practise the foul arts of emotional blackmailing, because it could lead you to absolute disaster.

Any progress you can find around the corner won't convince you if you're single.

In a selective and cautious manner, you'll manage time to find and perhaps even investigate whether your romance can become a fairytale, or if it's best to finish it off.


Those of you who have recently started at a new job shouldn't let your guard down because you've been blessed with trust.

You'll have to work quite hard, because all eyes will be on you, and you'll be given a wake-up call at the slightest mistake.

You shouldn't take this as a personal attack, absolutely not! People are just trying to make you show your best.

They're trying to make you grow professionally, to avoid you from getting too comfortable, and to help you watch your personal evolution unfold.


On a general scope, Taureans, according to your skies your pace will be pretty good today, with enough energy to deal with your duties this Thursday.

However, you'll be obsessed with your looks, especially if you've had a physical issue that's causing trouble again.

It could be skin acne, the dandruff on your scalp, or any other issue.

This could mean trouble... Or not, because the influence of the stars makes you prone to successfully go through any treatment you choose.

Your home will be the headquarters for your operations today, you'll feel protected and even a little lazy about going out and socialising. That's okay, but make it an exception, not the norm.