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Perhaps your Friday wasn't too much of a blast, and that's why you're expecting this Saturday to become a fantastic day full of bliss and partying.

Do you know what the Magic Horoscope has to say about that? You're the ones with the power to bring a rainbow into your life.

Stop waiting for the universe to do what you want to be happy, and just letting go; move on and do something for yourselves.

How about giving it a little thought, using your creativity (because you've got it) and making a surprise for your partner or family?

Bring some smiles into the faces of people around you, and you'll smile too. It's a simple but effective formula, and you should go ahead and put it into practice.


This Saturday, you'll have to be strict when managing your finances, as the stars predict; at least, if you want to avoid gradually losing your newly obtained profits, that is.

You can't keep holes in your pockets and let any money that comes into them fall away because you want to go shopping too much and too often.

In any case, you'll be able to carry out profitable transactions (although, from what's been said before, you risk not being reasonable when spending money).

At work, be careful about making mistakes in front of people who could betray you; be mindful of who's around you and who you trust.


Uranus will tell you that you need to do exercise, so get your workout gear on as soon as you have some free time to do exercise.

Your still life won't allow you to release the excess energy that the planets will give you today. Actually, today could be a great day to sign up at a sports club.

You know that, if you want to lose weight, you'll have to start by working hard and not giving in to sweet cravings; but you also need to move your body around as well.

If you're Taureans trying to quit bad habits (such as smoking), you'll have a special boost to make it through. You can do it! You'll see the Magic Horoscope is sending you some extra energy to get it done.