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You're determined to leave trouble out the door, to stop business issues and other concerns in time before they break your peaceful family life apart.

However, today you won't be able to forget about all of your concerns, and sometimes you'll pay more attention to the inbox or the phone than to your partner.

Thanks to the stars, your significant other will bear with this storm patiently, and won't tell you whether they find your attitude fair or not.

You yourselves will appreciate your flaws; and because the weekend is just around the corner anyway, you could use some time to prepare a romantic evening or a nice surprise.

Are you single Taureans? If that's the case, your sense of humour will be a bit off-balance. The fact that you don't have a partner yet doesn't mean your skies are different to those of other Taureans.

That's why you should mind your manners if you're going on dates, or trying to seduce someone you bump into.


Regarding your financial area, Venus should give you some protection, which is nice to have, of course.

But if you spend your money the wrong way, no one and nothing, not even the power of Venus, will stop the issues that you yourselves bring about.

Therefore, try to be reasonable and manage your budget cautiously and gracefully, and you might even save some money without having to break a sweat.

You should be careful with your colleagues to avoid conflict or interest clashes; if you don't communicate, you might be fighting for one single trophy that can't be shared, and there'll be winners and losers to spare.


Because of marketing techniques we tend to think that our body lacks vitamins and trace elements, and the truth is that many can't be produced by our own bodies, such as the case of vitamin A.

This vitamin lies in dairy products such as cheese, but if we have too much vitamin A, our body could pay the price and be more prone to bone breaking.

Horsetail tea will do good on you today to cleanse your body from toxins, and as if that weren't enough, it'll boost up your fight against fluid retention.